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What is YK11

YK11 is a compound that acts as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator(Or SARMS, as they’re more commonly known). These trigger a specific anabolic effect, while minimising it’s user elsewhere. In YK11, it mainly treats muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. YK 11 is one of the stronger SARMs and trigger a significantly stronger reaction than some others. Although this does mean that side affects are increase, they’re still generally less than non SARM anabolic supplements.

What has been YK11 effects.

Being a more potent SARM than most, users may experience a fairly more significant boost physiological reaction. The most notable are increased lean muscle growth and muscle building, although studies have shown other auxiliary benefits.

  • Significant gains in overall muscle tissue repair and prodcution

  • Aids in burning Body fat

  • Increase Bone Density

  • Increased Endurance

  • Fights Ageing

Does YK11 have side effects?

Being one of the heavier SARM, YK11 does have some side effects.

Mainly, increased hair growth and Mood Swings.

4 reviews for YK11

  1. jimbo (verified owner)

    This product has definitely made a difference especially in building those weaker muscles. the results are steady and definitely noticeble within a weeks time. definitely noticed better muscular endurance and some what a strength increase. muscle hardness was definitely noticible over a week’s use.

  2. Dazz

    My two bottles turned up without labels so I didn’t know which one was which.
    I used the syringe provided and just took the same amount of both every night.
    I feel a little bulkier but my strength has not gone up.
    Maybe I need to take larger doses, who knows?
    I’ve taken the same Sarms before in capsules and they were way more effective, huge strength gains, maybe because I could control the doses better.
    If you guys start selling in capsule form you will sell so much more.

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    Fast ship, great results pre covid gains are back and beyond, stacked with lgf

  4. Phil (verified owner)

    Started using ,week on week off ,, I’m 68 and did not think I could gain lean muscle and increase strenght,, using a combo ,, only using resistance bands , and making noticeable gains ,, very happy with that…

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