MK2866 (Ostarine)

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  • Enahnced Strength and Stamina

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass

  • Boost in fat burning

  • Increase in Bone Density

  • Increases Mucle Repair

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What is Ostraine MK 2866?:

MK 2866 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, which means that it binds to a receptor for a desired effect. In the case of MK 2866 , it targets muscle fibres and bone structure to increase Lean Mass gains, while increasing bone density. However, these are designed so that they’re active in those parts of the body and minimally elsewhere.

Androgen Receptors are signallers in the body that respond to the presence of various hormones. Where many hormone replacements or steroids will just increase the level overall, they do lead to some adverse side effects, where as a SARM, such as MK 2866 will selectively target the areas, so you get much less side effects.

What has been MK 2866 effects.

Ostarine Mk2866 is not one of the strongest SARMs, but this allows for much more targeted and subtle use. These results of using MK 2866 are:

  • Enhanced Strength and Stamina

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass

  • Boost in fat burning

  • Increase in Bone Density

  • Increases Mucle Repair

Does MK 2866 have side effects?

Being one of the more mild SARMs, MK 2866 generally doesn’t have as many side effects as the more potent ones.

People have seen a reduction in testosterone after prolonged used, however this has seen to be reversed when reducing or stopping use.

Studies haven’t been able to rule out other side effects, but not have shown up predominately.

4 reviews for MK2866 (Ostarine)

  1. paulie h

    about to buy my second bottle. helped me finally get back into training after muscle surgery

  2. Storm (verified owner)

    Great product all round. Used as part of pct to retain muscle and worked a treat! Also helped with minor injuries that were impacting my training.

  3. Adrian

    Great quality product improves quality of sleep and aides recovery from workouts and injuries also helps maintain muscle mass.

  4. Phil B (verified owner)

    Aged 57
    Weght 93 kg
    182 cm tall
    As a plumber and gasfitter on large building sites in Brisbane.
    Representative. State and National teans in Outrigging and Dragon boating.
    Before Sarms .
    I found work and training, starting to overwhelm me. Constantly tried and sore from work , lifting heavy weights and long paddling sessions.
    Now I find recovering from sessions quicker. Strenght and endurance has increased.
    Is sarms a peptide .
    I read the one I take ,, does lower testo levels ?
    Overall ,,, really good product …

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