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What is S-23

S-23 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, in other words, it’s a supplement that affects a specific function of the body, while leaving others mostly unchanged.For S-23 the muscles and bone tissue, leading to increased lean muscle tissue, bone density and stamina.

Androgen Receptors are signallers in the body that respond to the presence of various hormones. Where many hormone replacements or steroids will just increase the level overall, a SARM, such as S-23 will selectively target the areas, so you get much less side effects.

S-23 was originally developed a hormonal drug as an experimental form of male contraceptive, however was found to have different, yet useful effects on the body.

What has been S-23 effects.

S-23 s has been extensively studied, being developed for medical reasons. Studies have shown various effects, including:

  • Increased lean muscle mass

  • Increases metabolic burning of fat

  • Increase Bone Density

  • Faster Muscle Repair

  • Increased Strength and Stamina

Does S23have side effects?

While S23 was designed to be as safe and side effect free, as with any medicine, affecting the body, will have some side effects.

Mainly Testosterone Suppression when used for long periods of time. However, these hormone levels returned to normal after use.

Luckily though, most studies show no serious adverse health effects from the use of S23.

2 reviews for S-23

  1. janeway

    been doing LGD cycles for a while.
    decided to try out this.
    Was good, but i think LGD feels better.

  2. Edward Frenk

    Got recommended this as a weight loss aid after being promised it wasn’t snake oil.
    Pretty glad with the results. Still needed to work, but was a massive help.

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